Carclaze School Governors

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Carclaze School Local Governing Body
At Carclaze we are proud to be a part of CELT; Cornwall Edcuation Learning Trust. This section of the website tells you all about the Carclaze School Local Governing Body. We are a small group of dedicated and hardworking individuals who work together as a team, with school improvement at the forefront of all our work. 
The full Governing body meet at least 6 times during the year. In addition to these meetings, the RAP group of governors also meet regularly throughout the year and feedback to all governors in FGB meetings.
The RAP group currently consists of  two Governors who meet with the Headteacher and Senior Leaders, to support and challenge the schools' actions towards raising achievement.
Each Governor has an area they are responsible for and termly visits to the school take place to support and challenge in these areas. Governors are learning all the time and we aim to do the best we can to drive the highest possible standards for the school. As Governors we provide a voice for the children, parents, staff and wider community. 

How To Become a Governor


Governor vacancies are advertised with a description of the skills required.  There will always be a minimum of two parent Governors. Parent Governor vacancies will be advertised to all registered parents.  Interested parents may apply to be selected for this role. Staff Governors are elected by School staff.  All other Governors are appointed by CELT.  Interested potential Governors may apply for vacancies when advertised. 


 Meeting dates for 2021/2022


29/9/21 5pm

17/11/21 5pm

9/2/22 5pm

23/3/22 5pm

11/5/22 5pm

29/6/22 5pm

 Meeting dates for 2020/2021

7/10/20 5pm 
25/11/20 5pm 
3/02/21 5pm 
31/03/21 5pm 
19/05/21 5pm 
30/06/21 5pm ✔
LGB chairs meeting (CELT offices)
Thursday 7th November 2019 8-10am (attended by Helen Knight) ✔
Friday 6th December 2019 10am HK meeting with other Chairs and Clerk ✔
Monday 24th February 2020 8-9.30am Atlantic Centre (HK) ✔
Monday 16th November 2020 9-10.30 HK ✔
Monday 1st March 2021 3pm via Teams HK 
Monday 9th June 2021 via Teams HK ✔ 
If you need to contact one of our Governors please email: or call into the school office.
Carclaze Local Governing Body is part of the "CELT Trust”. For more information about CELT, visit the website below.


CELT Trust Lead: Lisa Mannall



  • Mrs Helen Knight

    Chair of Governor. Board Appointed. Term of Office: 30/06/2017-29/06/2021

    Chair of Governors since September 2019. Link governor for RAP group, Pupil Premium, CELT closing the gap project

    I have been a governor at Carclaze since 2017. I have 3 children, at Carclaze, Penrice and now one at Truro college. My background is that I have been a primary school teacher since 1997. I have taught all ages from 4-11 and I was a member of the senior leadership team at my last school. My life took a massive turn of events when I was diagnosed with a serious illness in 2015. I am now enjoying family time and voluntary work whilst I fully recover. I am still passionate about education and believe that my experience and expertise will play a valuable role in helping Carclaze on their continual desire for excellence and achievement.

  • Mrs Annabelle Coad

    Vice-Chair. Board Appointed. Term of office: 02/02/2019-01/02/2023

    Vice- Chair of Governors since September 2020. Link governor for Safeguarding, Whistle blowing, Early Years and a member of the RAP group.

    I have been a Governor at Carclaze School for nearly 30 years. I have been a childminder in the local area during this time and my expertise lies in Early Years Education. I am responsible for safeguarding, Early Years and I am also the Whistleblowing Governor. I am passionate about the Carclaze community.

  • Mrs Amanda Colwill

    Staff governor. Elected by Staff. Term of office: 03/02/2021- 02/02/2025

    Staff governor. Link governor for well-being.

    I am Assistant Headteacher at Carclaze School and have been part of the team for many years now, passionate about driving school improvement. I have recently been appointed as the staff governor for Carclaze. I am also a parent governor at Archbishop Benson School in Truro. In my spare time I like to relax by baking, reading and spending time with the family (preferably on a beach!).

  • Julie Tinnion

    Parent Governor. Board Appointed. Term of office: 13/11/2019- 12/11/2023

    Parent governor. Link governor for SEND, PE and Sports Premium.

    I am a mother of 4 children aged 9,10, 15, 19. My youngest daughter is currently in Year 5 at Carclaze. I am very passionate about education and am currently studying for an Honours Degree in Children, Schools and Families, having recently completed a Foundation Degree in this subject. I am a lifeguard and swimming teacher at Polkyth Leisure Centre and run swimming lessons at Tywardreath School. For the past year I have also supported Carclaze with their own gala training and will be continuing to do so. I hope with my varied knowledge in education that as a governor I will be able to contribute and support Carclaze as it grows.

  • Mrs Emma Kiddle

    Parent Governor. Board Appointed. Term of office:13/11/2019-12/11/2023

    Parent governor. Link governor for English and Data.

    I have two young children; a four year old daughter, who started in Foundation Stage at Carclaze in 2019, and a son who was born in 2018. I have been a primary school teacher since 2006 and have been teaching in my current school for the last 11 years. I am passionate about education and ensuring that all children are given a variety of opportunities to aspire and achieve. Whilst at my school, I have led a variety of subjects including PE and am currently leading More Able as well as being part of the English team. As part of the governing body at Carclaze, I hope my knowledge and skills can be used to further support the school.

  • Mr Matthew Double

    Community Governor. Board Appointed. Term of office: 25/11/20-24/11/2024

    Community governor. Link governor for Curriculum and Data.

    I am an Assistant Headteacher at Fowey River Academy and have recently moved back to St Austell having spent the last 20 years working in secondary schools in Norfolk, Cambridge, Southend, East London and Peterborough. I have been a secondary school senior leader for the last 5 years and have experience in leading PE departments, being a head of year, teaching maths, leading pupil premium strategy and have a particular specialism in assessment, exams and data. I have long standing family connections to Carclaze School and have two children in Year 5. I have a particular passion for raising aspirations of children and young people, especially those most disadvantaged.

  • Sarah Pease

    Community Governor. Board Appointed. Term of office: 3/2/21-2/2/25

    Community governor. Link governor for Maths.

    I have worked in secondary schools since 2012, specialising in mathematics, and have three children currently aged 14, 12 and 4. As the child of a past school governor and having knowledge of the school environment, I jumped at the chance to have a positive influence on the future of Carclaze. My passion for maths will allow me to support the maths lead in their achievements and celebration of successes, which I look forward to doing.

We are so grateful for all the governors do, they are volunteers who are committed to the school and give up a lot of their own time to help us.  Below is a list of governors and their key responsibilities:
Governor/  Responsibility
Head Teacher: Simon Pollard
Chair: Helen Knight - Pupil Premium, Rap group, Closing the gap project
Vice-Chair:Annabelle Coad- Safeguarding, Whistleblowing, Early Years, Rap group, Health & Safety
Amanda Colwill - Teacher Governor, Well-being
Julie Tinnion - Parent Governor, PE/ Sports Premium, SEND
Emma Kiddle - English/ Data
Matthew Double - Community Governor, Curriculum, Data
Sara Pease - Community Governor, Maths, Equality & Diversity 
Governor training

Governor Training 2018/19

  1. S175 training - Annabelle Coad ✔
  2. Safeguarding training- all governors 6/02/19 ✔
  3. Governor Conference - Helen Knight/ Karen Littler 30/3/19 ✔
  4. KTSA Governor Conference - Helen Knight/ Jenny Wood 3/05/19 ✔
  5. Data training- David Moseley - 14/3/19 ✔
   Governor Training 2019/20
1. TIS training (Trauma informed schools)- all governors 4/9/19 ✔
2. Safer Recruitment Training - Helen Knight 23/9/19 ✔
3. Curriculum training during LGB meeting 13/11/19 ✔
4. New C of G training with Michele Taylor St Mewan- Helen knight 21/11/19 ✔
5. CELT IT training by Andy Gasiorowski - 16/1/20 3.30pm HK, AC, DJ, EM ✔
4. Being a governor led by Sarah Carkeet- all governors 29/1/20 at 4.30pm ✔
6. OFSTED training led by Carl Sampson - 22/1/20 9-10.30am Atlantic Centre HK, DJ, DM, SM, JW, DB, AC  ✔
7. Safeguarding training- AC, AM, JT- 16/3/20 Sands Hotel ✔
8. Governor Conference- 30/4/20 Wadebridge Showground- Cancelled due to Coronavirus
Governor Training 20/21
Safeguarding- all governors September 2020 ✔
Data and assessment - AC- October 2020 ✔
Governor Conference - HK - November 2020 ✔
SEND training with Joe McGovern 12/1/21 HK, JT, MD, ACoad ✔
Health and Safety training 1/3/21 HK DB ACoad ✔
Chairs Forum 1/3/21 HK ✔
Metacognition training Jan 21 HK ✔
Safer recruitment refresher training Summer 21 ACoad, HK, SP, AC ✔
Equality and diversity training Summer 21 HK ACoad JT  ✔
Governor Training 21/22
Safeguarding training - all governors 2/9/21✔
Health and Safety training- Annabelle Coad- September 21
Please read all the pages in this section to find out more about CELT, scheme of delegation, code of conduct, letters from governors, register of interests and governor attendance.
Governor pages updated regularly by Helen Knight on behalf of the Governing Body.