Religious Education

Carclaze Community  Primary School is an inclusive school. We believe that RE has an important part to play in promoting the spiritual, moral, social, cultural and intellectual development of our pupils and in helping them to gain a greater understanding of themselves and a more sympathetic awareness of the needs of others. This enables pupils to be better equipped to cope with the responsibilities and experiences of adult life. To promote the ideas of our school vision we believe that education in RE should be a child centred, exciting journey.  Children will learn to understand the world and their place in it, know that all members of the school community show respect and tolerance for others and develop a better cultural awareness.
Children will have the opportunity to reflect and develop their spiritual awareness through creative activities, visits and discussion. Whilst celebrating major Christian festivals we also embrace world religions and value the opportunities to broaden the understanding of our children through planned units of work devoted to teaching about other world faiths. Pupils gain knowledge and understanding of these world faiths and develop an insight into the beliefs, culture, lives and spirituality of others. Children are encouraged to be reflective; they will be helped to recognise that learning about religion is a ‘Journey of Discovery’ and that it can be expressed in many diverse ways.
Please refer to our key skills documents for more information on our RE curriculum.