At Carclaze there is a strong belief that children who are provided with positive experiences of sport at a primary school age are much more likely to lead active and healthy lifestyles later in life. Along with many other factors, we believe that the academic success that our children achieve throughout the school is strongly impacted by the many opportunities they have through taking part in high quality P.E. lessons and extracurricular activities. To ensure all of our children have access to range of high quality, active opportunities, we provide an extensive range of sports, engaging lessons and extracurricular activities to suit the needs of all of our children.

PE Lessons

From Foundation stage – Key Stage Two, all children have access to a full range of sporting opportunities throughout the school day. Each half term each class has two hours of PE lessons with a different sporting focus (from invasion games, gymnastics, swimming, net and wall to dance). We work hard to deliver high quality, engaging lessons through the use of a variety of indoor equipment, hard surface court, field spaces and the passion of our teaching staff. All lessons enable all children to be actively involved physically, mentally and competitively. Furthermore, all classes from KS1-KS2 have the opportunity to partake in PE lessons from external coaches, these alternative sports and high quality coaches have enabled our children to progress, gain knowledge and develop skills through the enjoyment of physical activity, within a structured safe and supportive environment.

Extra -Curricular Activities

At Carclaze, we pride ourselves on the broad range of physical activity clubs available for the children. To ensure there is opportunities for all and to cater to all abilities and needs, we provide a range of clubs for KS1 and KS2 children. Many of our teachers have a passion for PE and competitive sports and deliver a range of invasion game opportunities such as, netball, football, hockey and rugby. To ensure our children have access to range of learning and physical experiences, we use external coaching companies to deliver alternative sporting experiences such as fencing, multi-skills club, street surfing and bubble football.


We work hard to provide children with competitive experiences throughout their time at Carclaze, from intra-school sports days, through to inter-school matches. We enter into many competitions on a local, county and national scale in a wide range of sports to allow all children to reach the high standards of which they are capable. We are fortunate enough to work closely with a range of schools within our district and have been able to run inter-school leagues for many years. Carclaze are proud to be part of the St Austell District football and netball leagues and in the past couple of years have been fortunate to win consecutive titles. In addition to this, we work closely with our St Austell Secondary schools and we are part of the Mid Cornwall Sports Network. This has enabled us to enter a range of Cornwall School games competitions and enabled KS1 and KS2 opportunities to compete at a county level including gymnastics and swimming, athletics, netball and quad kids.

Club lists are sent out each term, but additional forms are available from the office.  Please refer to the medium term planning documents to have a look at the PE sessions planned for your child this term.