Music is an important part of the curriculum at our school and is taught weekly in dedicated lessons. Encouraging a love of music is developed through various means: weekly singing assemblies, specific clubs, music lessons and performances to parents and wider audiences.

The key skills of learning to sing, using instruments, composing, improvising, performing, listening and evaluating are key threads running through our teaching and learning.

Children in KS1 are shown how to use their voices expressively to sing, chant and create rhymes in music. They learn the meaning of pitch, tempo and timbre and how to identify, make and control different sounds. They are encouraged to listen to a range of music and to use this to express emotions or sound effects.

In KS2, the children focus on understanding a wider range of music taken from different traditions, famous composers and musicians. They develop their ability to listen attentively to a range of music (often linked to their current topic) and use this knowledge to improvise and compose their own pieces.