At Carclaze Community Primary School we care, communicate, persevere and sparkle in mathematics!

We are currently using the White Rose Maths Hub planning resource to develop mathematical understanding and knowledge. This takes a small steps approach, breaking the curriculum down into smaller chunks rather than teaching too many concepts at once. In this way, we can also develop greater depth of understanding.

What are the aims of the National Curriculum 2014 for teaching and learning of Mathematics?

For our children…

  • To become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics so that children can recall and apply knowledge quickly and accurately and develop a conceptual understanding

  • To reason mathematically

  • To solve problems by applying their mathematics

 How is this achieved?

  • Through varied and frequent practice… counting, reciting and looking for connections and patterns in calculations. At home engaging in suggested KS1 practical activities such as counting and comparing numbers and in KS2 working through the multiplication challenge, as well as building on learning in class. We also aim to increase our participation in sumdog so that our school appears on national leader boards.

  • Using a variety of images to develop conceptual understanding including part whole diagrams such as the bar model and number bond circles (for further information research Dr Yeap Ban Har).

  • Solving increasingly complex problems such as those suggested in our planning resource and on websites such as .

  • Asking children to ‘Prove it!’ and justify their reasons using jottings and resources.

  • Break problems down into smaller steps and persevere in seeking solutions.

 At Carclaze, we link our teaching and learning of Mathematics, where appropriate, to our REAL Project Curriculum. We believe in making maths real and relevant.