Mathematics Curriculum - Intent

At Carclaze, our curriculum has been planned and implemented to ensure that every child has a sound understanding of the intricacies of mathematics. We aim for children to leave our school equipped with the mathematical skills and knowledge to enable them to thrive in life.

We teach the National Curriculum, using Power Maths to deliver daily mathematics lessons. The objectives in each block are broken down into a series of carefully planned small steps which the teachers use to recap the learning and move the children on through the curriculum.

By lacing calculation, reasoning and problem solving in to a series of lessons, we ensure that secure links are made and that prior knowledge is being tested and challenged throughout.

Our aspiration is for every child to see themselves as a mathematician - demonstrating a confident attitude towards tackling problems both in and out of the classroom and understanding the importance of maths in the wider world.


Mathematics Curriculum - Implementation

We implement the following procedures in order to achieve desired outcomes:


Daily Mathematics lessons

Daily mathematics lessons are planned from the White Rose Schemes of work, which break National Curriculum learning objectives down into carefully sequenced, progressive 'small steps'. The vast majority of lessons are delivered using the Power Maths planning and teaching resources, where children complete their work in their Power Maths practice books. This supports the consistent use of models, images and approaches through the school, allowing children to more easily draw on prior learning.

This year in particular, we have looked closely at learning missed due to COVID-19 and have planned in additional lessons to cover concepts which a) will need consolidation due to long periods of absence from school or b) those which were not taught due to school closure. 



Daily fluency

From Year 1 onwards, every class has an additional 20 minutes morning maths slot dedicated to fluency, core number work and consolidation of prior learning. This may take the form of intelligent practice, number bonds, times tables, 'Fluent in five' or 'Flashback 4'.



Calculation policy:

Our calculation policy has been written to ensure clear progression from the foundation stage to Y6, building upon previously learnt skills. All staff have been involved in its design and each teacher is aware of the mathematical journey the pupils have been on. This is reviewed every year and is also revised with each new member of staff during induction.