Phases and Phase Leaders

The school has 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 - Early Years
  • Phase 2 - Years 1 to 3
  • Phase 3 - Years 4 to 6
This helps to develop and build on the family feel we have within year groups and generate a wider community for the children to access. We meet regularly in our phases for assemblies and other activities such as Christmas and Harvest Services.

Alongside the phases, we have our team of Phase Leaders in order to continue to improve lines of communication between home and school. The Phase Leaders are responsible for classes within their phase and provide additional support to the children and adults working within that phase, as well as the parents.

Our Phase Leaders will provide an additional level of support within school and will take responsibility for pastoral care within their phases.

  • Mrs Lindsey Dash

    Phase 1 Lead

    Mrs Dash is our EYFS Phase leader. In addition to teaching Polkerris class, Mrs Dash's role involves liaising with all our feeder pre-schools to ensure a smooth transition from pre-school settings into our Early Years. She also works closely with Mrs Teague, our Phase 2 lead, to support the children as they leave Early Years and move into Year 1.

  • Mrs Roxy Aitken

    Phase 3 Lead

    Mrs Aitken leads our Phase 3 team and is also our Maths Lead. Mrs Aitken supports the transition of pupils into Year 4 and also works alongside the teachers in Year 6 to prepare our children for their transfer to secondary school.

We also thought it would be useful to clarify the procedures we expect parents to follow if you have any concerns regarding your child or if you have any information they feel the school should be aware of.

1) Class Teacher - your child’s class teacher should always be the first point of contact. If you speak to another member of staff, they will always ask if you have approached your class teacher first.

2) Phase Leaders - if you feel you need further information or for some reason the class teacher is not available, please contact the phase leader responsible for your child’s year group. The class teacher may also involve the phase leader if they feel it is appropriate or the phase leader themselves may contact you if there is something they need to share with you. If you wish to make an appointment to see your Phase leader, please contact the office who will be happy to arrange an appointment with you or speak to your child’s class teacher.


Of course, Mr Pollard (Head Teacher) and Mrs Colwill (Assistant Headteacher) are also available and will be happy to support the work of the class teachers and Phase Leaders if appropriate. As always, if you have concerns over the safety or safeguarding of your child or any other child within the school, the Safeguarding Team are also always available.