At Carclaze we are proud to be able to provide our children with a set of 30 ipads as well as a mobile set of 30 laptops. Our classrooms are set up to provide a productive learning environment with interactive whiteboards and classroom based ipads to aid children’s learning. Pupils and parents have access to our Eschools Virtual learning environment via the school website where they can visit their class page in order to link learning in school to learning at home. 
Computers have become part of our everyday lives and we therefore aim to equip our pupils with the skills and know how to use them so they can become responsible digital citizens.
Throughout our computing lessons we aim to cover three key aspects of the curriculum: computer science (CS), information technology (IT) and digital literacy (DL). Computer science involves programming and children learning how to solve problems they encounter using trial and error. Information technology focuses on finding and retrieving reliable information online. Digital Literacy incorporates learning about how to stay safe on line (online safety) and how to behave responsibly online.
Please refer to our key skills document for more information on our Computing curriculum.