CELT Governance


CELT began on September 1st 2019 and is led by Lisa Mannall, Trust Lead.

Overview of how the Trust is governed

There are three tiers of governance for the Trust. The top two tiers – Members and the Board of Directors – are required by the Articles of Association. The third tier – Local Governing Bodies (LGBs) – are optional but the Board sees local governors as having an important role and each Trust school has their own LGB.

Members – appoint the majority of Directors; guard the values and ethos of the Trust; and monitor the activities of the Trust to ensure it is providing best value for parents, children and the wider community.

Directors – set the strategic direction for the Trust; hold the Trust to account for its outcomes for students; and oversee the work of the executive officers.

Governors – have a delegated responsibility for standards and outcomes in their school; its safeguarding; and its relationships with external stakeholders, especially parents.

To ensure clarity over who is responsible for what – for example between governance and executive officers and between the Board and LGBs – a Scheme of Delegation has been drawn up together with various Terms of Reference.

Structure and Meetings

Members meet three times a year and the spring term meeting includes the Trust’s AGM.

The Board of Directors meets eight times a year – minutes are available here.

The Board has one standing committee – Audit.

Local Governing Bodies meet six times a year. The Chairs from each LGB meet together at least once a term.


Please click here for details of Finance and Accounting for CELT