Remote Learning Support
We recognise that these are worrying times right now and wanted to reassure you that the well-being of our children and staff is, and will remain, of upmost important to us.
Where you can look for help, support and advice:
  • Class eschools page - this will not only be a place for children to access tasks set by their class teacher but also offers a message function to enable children (and parents) to communicate with their class teacher. Teachers will use this page to keep in touch with their class whilst we are closed. Please check this page regularly during term time. 
  • Carclaze Website - we will be using this to offer support and advice whilst we are closed. We will add links to resources and online platforms to support you and your child with home learning. 
  • Carclaze Social Media Pages - we will use our school Twitter and Facebook pages with information, resources and to signpost parents and carers to places offering support and advice.
  • CELT Remote Learning Policy - see the link below to access this document.
Remote Learning Policy: Updated January 2021
Please click on the link below to read our updated policy regarding remote learning. 
How do we begin home learning?
The first thing that you need to do is help your child process all that has happened. Don't worry about trying to replicate a school day at home. Home learning will look and feel very differently to a school day - there are less children around, it is more intensive and parents may need to work too at the same time as supporting their child. 
Please begin by offering them some reassurance and supporting their emotional health and well-being. Your child will need adults to help them understand what's going on. They will need adults to play with them to make up for lost opportunities at school. They will need someone to make them laugh in the absence of their friends, They will need someone to listen attentively to their concerns and reassure them. After you have done this, then you can begin to incorporate home learning opportunities into your daily routines. 
Try and include physical exercise within their day. This could be a bounce on the trampoline in the garden or a game of football or maybe even a walk on the beach or another suitable wide open space. 
What do I do if I am concerned about my child or another child during the closure?
You can:
  • contact the Multi Agency Referral Unit (MARU) on the numbers/email addresses listed below
  • make an anonymous referral to Childline or the NSPCC
  • click on the links below to be taken to their websites for more information